2020 Competition

The 2020 RBPC was the first virtual edition of the competition

2020 was the 20th year of the competition with 520+ startup teams from around the world submitting applications for 42 slots. More than 180 corporate and private sponsors and close to 200 judges: local and national angel investors, venture capitalists, corporate venture reps, sector specialists participated virtually from around the world. After 3 days, the competition concluded with $1.3+ Million in prize money awarded and pledged with 7 teams each winning $100,000 or more. 

The connections and the networking that you can get after the RBPC can literally change your startup's life.

Robert Hatcher, 2020 Grand Prize Winner

Founder, Aurign

Headshot of person

Congratulations to the 2020 Winners

2020 Elevator Pitch Competition

The Mercury Fund Elevator Pitch Competition is a fast-paced, high-energy event. Each competitor has to pitch their startup in 60 seconds for a chance at prizes. This is a great opportunity for our judges to a get a glimpse at all of the startups and kicks off the competition. 

2020 Finals

After the elevator pitches and semi-finals, 7 startups moved on to the live finals! 

2020 Competitors

Team Name School Video Pitch
Acoustic Wells MIT YouTube
Algen Air University of Maryland YouTube
Apollo University of Iowa YouTube
Astek Diagnostics University of Maryland, Baltimore County YouTube
Aurign Georgia State University YouTube
Beltech University of Chicago YouTube
BIOMILQ Duke University YouTube
Cardiosense Northwestern University YouTube
Cellens Tufts University YouTube
CelluDot University of Arkansas, Fayetteville YouTube
Contraire Oklahoma State University YouTube
Drivemate Ohio University YouTube
Educational Vision Technologies University of California, San Diego YouTube
Encapsulate University of Connecticut YouTube
Envirobe George Washington University YouTube
EVA Rice University YouTube
Fractal Harvard University YouTube
Iconic Air West Virginia University YouTube
ImmunoACT Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (India) YouTube
KnoNap Georgetown University YouTube
LittleMoochi Carnegie Mellon University YouTube
LorCan Technologies University of Waterloo (Canada) YouTube
MedLock University of Virginia YouTube
Morfeo Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) YouTube
NanoCare Texas State University YouTube
nanopathdx Dartmouth College YouTube
NOMA AI University of Pittsburgh YouTube
NUnode Northwestern University YouTube
Ocean Access Norwegian University of Science and Technology YouTube
Phylomics Diagnostics Georgetown University YouTube
Quantum Lock Technologies University of Tennessee YouTube
QV Bioelectronics University of Manchester (UK) YouTube
RefresherBoxx RWTH Aachen University (Germany) YouTube
Relavo Johns Hopkins University YouTube
ReMatter Stanford University YouTube
RIZIN Technologies University of Louisville YouTube
SeebeckCell Technologies University of Texas at Arlington YouTube
SlumberFlow University of Michigan YouTube
Steeroflex University of California San Diego YouTube
TeguTech Imperial College London YouTube
Upright Oats Yale University YouTube
Vigti Pvt. Ltd. Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) YouTube