Competition Rules and Format

Review the rules and format (it's required reading for competitors)

For startups invited to compete: 

The competition rules and format document (here) outlines the details for competing at the RBPC. It is a required reading that will outline the following key points:

  • Confirmation to Compete: Startups invited to compete have until 5:00 PM CST on Monday, March 27, 2023 to confirm their participation.  
  • Competitors: The pitching and presenting startup that competes at the RBPC must contain at least two team members and a maximum of four team members; all must be current students, and at least one must be a current graduate-level student.
  • Attendance: Your startup team is required to attend the event May 11-13, 2023. At least two team members must be present and accessible in every oral presentation, session and round; and that those two members must be current students, and one of them must be a graduate degree-seeking student. 
  • Presenters: For each pitch (excluding the Elevator Pitch), startups need a minimum of two students to pitch (i.e. do the talking), but up to four students can pitch.
  • Documents: You must submit required documents to compete by late April 21, 2023.

Want to prepare for the Rice Business Plan Competition and get everything in order in case you are invited to the big show?

Carefully read through the rules and format document. 

Additional documents and deadlines: Invited and confirmed startups will have until April 17, 2023 to submit their business plans, pitch pages and other media materials. The business plans will only be distributed to participating judges. Media materials, including pitch pages and Elevator Pitch videos, will be used in print, web and other media formats.

Important Dates

On March 22, 2023 the #RBPC22 startup teams will be invited to compete via video, email and phone. Please make sure to check all other important dates and times.