2024 RBPC Startups

Meet the 2024 Startups

After a rigorous and competitive application process, our judging team selected 42 startups, led by students pushing to create new possibilities in technology, energy, healthcare and building solutions shaping a better future! Read more about each of the startups (along with their contact info) in the program. 


2024 Startups

Startup University 

AIRS ML (web)

Imperial College London (United Kingdom)

Blaze Power (web)


CureWave Sciences (web)

Rutgers University

CurveAssure (web)

Johns Hopkins University

D.Sole (web)

Carnegie Mellon University

Dendritic Health AI (web)

Northwestern University

Dialysis Innovations (web)

University of Michigan

EndoShunt (web)

Harvard University

FlowCellutions (web)

University of Pittsburgh

HEXAspec (web)

Rice University

HydroPhos Solutions (web)

University of New Hampshire

Icorium Engineering Company (web)

University of Kansas

Informuta (web)

Tulane University

Kiwi Charge (web)

York University (Canada)

Korion Health (web)

University of Maryland, College Park and University of Pittsburgh

Limitless Aeronautics (web)

Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

LiQuidium (web)

University of Houston

Malleous (web)

University of Pittsburgh

MesaQuantum (web)

Harvard University & CU Boulder

Mili Llama (web)

University of Notre Dame

MineMe (web)

University of Pennsylvania

NaviAI (web)

Cornell University

NutriAI (web)

Tufts University

OSPHIM (web)

RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

Overture Games (web)

Northwestern University

OX SOX (web)

University of Georgia

Oxylus Energy (web)

Yale University

Palanquin Power

University of Texas at Austin

Paradigm Robotics (web)

University of Texas at Austin

Particle-N (web)

University of Connecticut

Power2Polymers (web)

RWTH Aachen University (Germany)

ProPika (web)

University of Arkansas

Protein Pints (web)

Michigan State University

Samtracs (web)

Oklahoma State University

Sancorda Medical (web)

University of Texas at Dallas

Side Coach Sports (web)

Baylor University

Simp Now (web)

Morehouse College

Socian AI (web)

Rochester Institute of Technology

Somnair (web)

Johns Hopkins University

TouchStone (web)

University of California, Berkeley

Vita Innovations (web)

Stanford University

WattShift (web)

University of Chicago